The First Lesson in Social Media Marketing

To have the mindset that the understanding and practice of core fundamentials will drive your business more than any system, gadget or gimmick -- your customers trust your sound business judgement and spread the word

The Missing Link

Who is succeeding in Internet Network Marketing? It is a great business model with a benefit of being available to everyone… regardless of background. Ah…The Fulfillment of the American Dream. One (BIG) problem . 97% of network marketing businesses fail to make any money. Why? “Old School” marketing can’t compete to today’s online marketing strategies.

I was taught:
1. to take advantage of my relationships with family and friends.
2. to canvass the shopping mall.
3. to be on the lookout at the gas station.
4. to observe who is reading books at the book store.

So, how is that working for you? I have had many other businesses and not one of those marketing plans ever called for canvassing the checkout stand at the grocery store. I need a real business marketing plan for a real business. Do you know the 7 great lies of Network Marketing?

Whatever happened to providing value and putting the consideration of the customer first? It is clear to me, that in most cases (97%) the “Marketing” is the missing component in Network Marketing.

Attraction Marketing addresses all these issues. Solving problems and providing value is the ultimate aphrodisiac for any customer, client or prospect.

Do you see any truth here? Fact/Fiction Anyone can succeed in Networking Marketing

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