The First Lesson in Social Media Marketing

To have the mindset that the understanding and practice of core fundamentials will drive your business more than any system, gadget or gimmick -- your customers trust your sound business judgement and spread the word

Recap Week of October 26, 2009

Last weeks postings reflect just how much opportunity there is to employ social media marketing today and well into the future . The compounding, viral power of social media continues to demonstrate the potential and direction WE as consumers and marketers are willing to accept social marketing as a preferred medium. This weeks messages continue the theme of using core marketing strategies and social principles to best realize long term success. The marketing messages in recap are now catergorized into core categories of Strategy, Philosophy, Content, and Twitter. As an alternative, you may read the messages day by day, which contain brief highlights of the articles.


Opportunity or Obstacle
  • Last week’s poll question: A recent survey indicated that 75
    percent of small businesses are not using social media for marketing.
    Could you solve these problems for a Small Business Owner?


  • Solve Problems Make $$$
    • Think RELEVANCE! That’s what your prospects are really interested in. What’s
      relevant is BUSINESS, not your products, services or solutions. Your
      offering is simply a tool that helps companies achieve their business
      objectives.Decision makers are always
      interested in ideas, insights and information that helps them eliminate
      problems, address issues and achieve their objectives.
    • Plus 4 more Essential Strategies for Highly Effective Initial

Marketing Mantra

  • Simple 3 step engagment to build a bigger customer base



Success Barometer

  • Are You Having Fun? Success is not
    the key to happiness, it (Happiness) is the key to success.

Support Simplicity

  • Fun - Solution Oriented - Social Media

Influential Thoughts

  • The simple fact that trust is relative
    ReadArticle by Adam Singer

The Art of Science

  • Outstanding thoughts on Social Media philosophy and strategy


Content Strategy

  • If you don’t understand your audience
    you’ll never create content which sticks. Once you do have audience
    comprehension, take the time to think about how you can use this
    knowledge to formulate a content strategy


  • Don’t focus on the social media tools. Focus on
    developing the social skills you need for your business to create a strong social presence. (The blog, article, format, content,backlinks...all a great example of article writing)


  • Communicating with customers/ prospects is now both easier and
    yet more difficult!


  • The World According to Google (well 2015 at least)


      Twitter BEER, Social Media and Beer

      • Welcome to the "Direct to Drinker" engagement. The surge in corporate social
        media efforts comes after decades of so-called "push" marketing --
        where consumers were viewed largely as passive sponges of brand

      Why Twitter- in one word

      • I certainly would not have dreamed that only one person would say
        “marketing” or “branding.” Especially since at least half the people in
        my twitterville are in some form of marketing and PR. But maybe I
        shouldn't be surprised since PR and marketing are -- at its roots --
        about people. (? people are not looking to buy a product or service? )


        • Twitter - Entrpreneurship - Guy Kawasaki


          • Key Takeaways: Customers Impact Brand Search Results Using Twitter

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