The First Lesson in Social Media Marketing

To have the mindset that the understanding and practice of core fundamentials will drive your business more than any system, gadget or gimmick -- your customers trust your sound business judgement and spread the word

Recap Week of Oct12 - Tweetable Marketing Message

Friday October 16

Fresh -while simplicity may not be very important to ReTweetability, novelty certainly is. When you hear "Re-Tweet" Think "Viral" and Viral Marketing is the difference maker "Viral marketing success comes from self-publishing Web content that people want to share. It’s not about gimmicks. It’s not about paying an agency to interrupt others. It’s about
harnessing word-of-mouse,the most empowering form of marketing there is. "- David Meerman Scott
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2for1 Happy TGIF FF to all Affiliate, Social, Network, Marketers

  1. @PaulSchmittSr: Article Marketin g – Don’t sell yourself in your article, rather sell yourself by the quality of your content
  2. @MasterMindCoach: “The greatest mistake marketers make is trying to create demand.” Eugene Schwartz #quote

KISS - Get "Social" and "Networking" will follow

KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid? You probably learned about it in school. The premise is the simpler it is to take action - read an article, click a link, react to a social feed - the more likely a consumer will interact

  1. Marketers need to being thinking of social as 'media' rather than 'networking'
  2. Think about what viral means and what you can do with viral messages
  3. Ceate a content platform

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Thursday October 15

Trust The Foundation of Social Success Begins with Trust
Trust” must be present for a connection initiated in a social network to naturally migrate into a relationship with measurable business value.

Personally, I like to take ownership of the trust building process by making an investment of time and effort. I constantly identify opportunities to enhance the professional development and accomplishment of my portfolio of social media connections .
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Selling the Message - In the end U want your customer, client, prospect to take some Action that will benefit them and put $$ in your pocket. Win Win!

  1. Capture Attention
  2. Identify Problem
  3. Describe Product/ Service
  4. Promote Benefits (not just the features - this trips a lot of people)
  5. Create Credibility
  6. Promote Action

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Evidence Social Media Marketing Works

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) has become so ubiquitous that businesses are using it to fuel sales and profits through social interaction with customers and clients.

The companies using networks and blogs to stay closer to customers, for sales, marketing, customer support, recruiting, investor relations and product research. It is absolutely not a fad. (Shel Israel) These #s tell the story!
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Wednesday October 14

Opportunity Large Market for Small Business
“Our survey suggests that small business owners are still feeling their way into social media, particularly when it comes to using these tools to grow their businesses,” said Maria Veltre, Executive Vice President of Citi’s Small Business Segment. “While social media can provide additional channels to network and help grow a business, many small businesses may not have the manpower or the time required take advantage of them.” .
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Hearing vs. Listening Considerations for Social Marketing Success
Have you stopped to think about who is actually paying attention in social networks? A person or a brand may have X number of followers or friends, but how many of them are actively listening at any given time? How many people do you ACTUALLY reach when you post a tweet, make a status update or blog post? Subscriber counts and reach are two different things. Think of it like a college professor talking to students: How many of them are paying attention during a lecture? With social media participation it’s the same thing; you need to realize that not everyone is always hearing what you have to say and factor in the difference between connections and actual reach.
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Longterm Just Say NO to Fads and Overnight Marketing Schemes
After all, you can't always differentiate based on what you sell; but how you sell, who you are and what you do can make all the difference to prospects. Read all 6 proven strategies
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Tuesday October 13

Are you an InfoSupplier?
Consider Ways to incresase traffic and sales
Amazon gives loads of consumer information and feedback while selling
their products on the web.
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Perhaps what we’re really striving for is the demonstration of
imperfection and a reasonable level of accessibility. The openness to a discussion instead of instilling gatekeepers and bulldogs at every turn. The willingness of business to show that not only do they not have all the answers all the time, but that their employees can relate to us on a level of individual need vs. an “entity-to-market” mindset.
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Monday October 12

Just pick up some good insight how big companies like Microsoft view
soical sites like Twitter

"You can reach people pretty effectively when they've chosen to follow
you on things such as Twitter," Gary Troberman Microsoft

Microsoft's social-media marketing tenets: 1) authenticity, 2) honesty,
3) immediacy.
"Social media really has its own rules," Troberman said. "Done well,
it's not just pushing messages, it's listening. ... It's reminded us
that we need to listen more than shout."
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Identify your unique value
MLM Success Secret #1 “Wealth accumulates on the
Inside before it expresses itself on the outside.” David Cameron
Gikandi, Happy Pocketfull of Money
people either are selling or chasing a get rick quick schemes because
they have not identified their unique value.
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