The First Lesson in Social Media Marketing

To have the mindset that the understanding and practice of core fundamentials will drive your business more than any system, gadget or gimmick -- your customers trust your sound business judgement and spread the word

Are you Having Fun?

A good barometer for success can be as simple as your answer to the question: Are You Having Fun? Mentors in my Network Marketing organization have described what success felt like to them: always humming a tune, a contagious smile, no problems, and walking on a cloud. Researchers note that happiness with what you do creates less stress, increased satisfaction, a sustainable loyalty to your own business, and stimulated creativity while improving customer service and productivity.

You are unique. Regardless of whatever blogs, tweet, scripts, lingo, and lists are provided to you, your success is directly related to how you personalize them to reflect who you are. Utilizing your unique talents helps you succeed. For instance, I know that two of my greatest talents are my tenacity and creativity. My tenacity allows me to stick to a problem until a solution is found, and my creative ideas never turn off.

How can this concept help your business?
Find a business niche that allows you to showcase your talents. For me, I believe the network marketing industry demonstrates America’s capitalistic, free enterprise system, with the added bonus of allowing the small guy compete along side of industry giants. Network marketing and attraction network marketing suits my personality. My tenacity and creativity give me the drive to work with a wide variety of people, business situations, and opportunities. I like the idea of using attraction marketing to provide value as a way to demonstrate a real, meaningful justification for my clients, customers, and prospects to work with me.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Herman Cain

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