The First Lesson in Social Media Marketing

To have the mindset that the understanding and practice of core fundamentials will drive your business more than any system, gadget or gimmick -- your customers trust your sound business judgement and spread the word

MLM Lie: Everyone is Your Prospect

Early in my Amway network marketing experience I was told that everyone is my prospect. Eventually I figured out on my own that it wasn't true. Now that I know better, I've learned how to choose a target market, or niche, and why it's so important.

Which Comes First: Product or Niche?

I’m convinced that the product and niche must be determined iteratively. That means that you work first on one, then the other, making adjustments to both as you alternate between them.

In practice, while you are choosing your niche, you are also analyzing whether your product fits your niche. The result may be that the product you offer is modified or even changed completely.

The objective in choosing your niche market is to align your message to the customer. The message is a combination of you, your product, and your message delivery. By following this process you will also begin to develop your brand.

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

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